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Iran - Parcheggio allo Sharif University of Technology


Sharif University of Technology (SUT) is the highest ranked and most prestigious technical university in Iran, with 450 faculty members, 400 staff, and 12500 students. SUT is located in the west of Tehran and near Azadi Square, which is one of the busiest parts of Tehran.

Faculty members and staff station their cars inside the university and students park their cars in the streets around the university.

Smart Parking Systems in Iran

Part of the traffic problem in Tehran is related to the lack of suitable parking space in Tehran, and the establishment of parking in crowded centers in various parts of the city is underlined by the city authorities. As a result, the construction and operation of multi-story parking lots has become widespread in Tehran and other large cities of Iran.

However, the management systems of these parking lots are almost conventional. The use of smart systems in parking lots is expanding in country for optimal management of space and stop time, as well as facilitating the use of parking. Therefore, developing advanced patterns for parking management is one of the most vital economic activities that is relevant generally in Iran, and particularly in Tehran.

​In this regard, the prospect of developing and applying smart parking systems is significant in this country.

Parking Problems in SUT

The campus of SUT is very limited and small, and the total land is about 40 hectares. Faculty members and university staff park their cars at the university campus. This has led the university to face a limited space which needs prompt consideration. Therefore, solving the problem of car parks has been put on the agenda of the university.

Number of Cars at the Campus

About 700 cars are parked at the campus of university in working days (Saturday to Wednesday), throughout the year and at least 8 hours a day.

Policy of the University about Parking

A terrain in the vicinity of the university has been bought and it has been assigned to a parking lot. There was little land reclamation on this land, but due to the limited available funding, the construction process of this parking lot has been stopped. If the multi-story parking lot is to be built in the vicinity of the university, parking cars in the university campus will be blocked. Therefore, all faculty and staff members will have to park their cars in the constructed parking lot, outside the university.

Geographical Location of the Project

The land purchased for building the parking lot is located between the Faculty of Energy Engineering, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Management. This land has a trapezoidal shape, which faces the main campus of the university in the southern side (where there is the entrance of energy engineering faculty and a street toward the university), mechanical engineering faculty in the western side, and Faculty of Management and Economics in the east. The northern side is on the Teymouri Blvd and Square, which will be as the entrance and exit of cars.

Area of the Parking Land

Parking space is 3,237 square meters.

Project Capacity

If the parking lot is built in 8 floors, the parking capacity will be about 1000 cars. The university also wants to create a convention hall with around 1000 people on the parking lot (including amphitheater and side halls for seminars, dining and service). If this project is completed, it will be very beneficial for the University and it can also be an important source of revenue for the camp.

Project Processes

The University is willing to negotiate with the private sector about the construction of the parking lot and the amphitheater. This project can be started quickly. The suggestion for this project is as follows:

  1. Constructing an underground parking lot for 1000 vehicles
  2. Creating a totally smart and modern parking system
  3. Launching an electrical automobile service from parking to the university
  4. Launching hybrid and electric bike system from the car park to the university and around
  5. Creating conference halls in the upper floors of the parking lot
  6. ​Creating a modern restaurant
  • Economic analysis

Based on the preliminary estimation of costs and incomes, the preliminary economic analysis is as follows:

  • Incomes
    1. Total net revenues: 96.4 billion riyals (2.4 million)
    2. Incomes from the parking lot,the conference hall, and the restaurant
      • Parked cars on working days
        • Number of vehicles: 1000 cars
        • Average parking time for each car: 8 hours per day
      • Parked cars on weekends
        • Number of vehicles: 500 cars
        • Average car park time: 5 hours per day
      • Number of parked cars hour per year: 2250000 cars hour
      • Average parking fee per hour for faculty members: 25,000 Rials
      • Average parking fee per hour for others: 40,000 Rials
      • Net income from parking: 73.8 billion rials
      • Net income from conference hall and restaurant: 22.7 billion riyals
    3. Costs
      • The cost of building a parking lot in the amount of 25 thousand meters: 200 billion rials
      • Annual parking cost: 8 billion rials
      • Cost of constructing conference and restaurant halls: 143 billion riyals
      • Total investment cost: 343 billion riyals (6/8 million €)
    4. Financial Conclusions
      • Total investment: 343 billion riyals (6/8 million €)
      • Net annual income: 89.5 billion riyals (2/2 million €)
      • Simple Calculation of Return on Capital: 1.4 years

Proposed Steps for Implementation of the Project
  • Preparing a cooperation agreement between the university, Tarasht Energy Science and Technology Company and Dr. Rousseau’s company, if the project is confirmed by Dr. Rousseau
  • Holding a meeting with relevant university officials and discussing the project
  • Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University, Tarasht Sharif Science and Technology Company and Dr. Rousseau’s company.
  • Preparing an initial justification report by Tarasht Sharif Science and Technology Company

Investigating how to participate and run the Project
  • Propose a project implementation
  • Submit the project proposal to the university for approval
  • Start of project implementation by Tarasht Sharif Science and Technology Company and Dr. Rousseau’s company
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