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Iran - Trattamento rifiuti urbani e acque reflue a Varamin

1. Site location
Additional data for landfills and wastewater treatment sites in Tehran and Varamin is presented as below.

1.1 Charmshahr landfill in Varamin

​Figure 1: The location of Charmshahr landfill in Varamin

This landfill is near Qom-Garmsar free way Site area is 30 hectares.

Solid waste input from Varamin is 130 ton per day and 120 ton per day from Qarchak (another town near Varamin).


Solid waste input to Kahrizak is more than 7000 ton per day from Tehran


Figure 2: The location of Kahrizak landfill in Tehran

At the moment Varamin waste water treatment plant is under construction Location of Varamin waste water treatment site will be informed soon.

Figure 3: Location of south Tehran wastewater treatment site


2. Water Consumption and Wastewater Generation - General Data

Table 1: General data of water consumption and waste water generation
Varamin (present) Varamin (projected at year 2037) Total *
population 210.000 463.000 260.000
household water consumption (m3/day) 32.240 71.100 40.300
wastewater generation (m3/day) 25.800 57.000** 32.300
solid content (ton/day) 14,7 32,4 18,1

*Total is the sum of wastewater streams from Varamin and nearby towns, Javadabad and Kheyrabad

** The capacity of wastewater treatment system will be 91,000 m3/day

Table 2: Present and projected capacity of South Tehran waste water treatment plant
Current situation Projected plan*
Project population (people) 2.600.000 11.000.000
Treated waste water (m3/day) 450.000 850.000.000
Minimum sludge generation - dry basis (ton/day) 225 ** 2.500

*more information is available in:
** at the moment dried sludge is being sold in the auction.

Table 3: Estimated inlet and treated (outlet) wastewater analysis, based on Tehran wastewater treatment







TSS (mg/lit)



Nitrogen content (mg/lit)



Phosphorus content (mg/lit)



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